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  • All teams play 7 regular season games 
  • Top half of the teams will make the playoffs
  • Team awards given to all league champions
  • ALL TEAMS MUST have Jerseys of the SAME COLOR & DIFFERENT PERMANENT NUMBERS by the 2nd Game 

1.All teams must provide a credit card number for application to                be accepted (Unless paid in full prior to the season)
2.A $200 non-refundable payment is due prior to each team's first              game
3.All teams must be paid in full by the fourth game of the season
4.A $50 forfeit fee will be assessed to any team forfeiting a game-              (A fee will not be assessed if the forfeiting team notifies the                       Sportscenter 48 hours prior to the game)
5.No games will be rescheduled after the final schedules have been           published
6.Teams or players violating South Shore Sports Center rules may            be expelled without refund 

Please Note: All teams will be notified via email regarding your first game time -- All schedules will be emailed once completed